July 16, 2012

Tex-Mex Mac&Cheese

Tex Mex Mac & Cheese via The Taste Tester
When it comes to weeknight summer meals I prefer not to use the oven. Stovetop meals are my method of choice since we do not have a grill (and I am not a HUGE fan of most crock pot meals). I got this recipe from Kevin and Amanda.

The best part about this recipe is that it takes twenty minutes from start to finish. It is VERY easy.

The only downside is that it is incredibly spicy. Spicy like the kind of heat you'd experience if you rubbed jalapeno seeds all over your tongue. So I guess that makes it not very kid friendly. But don't worry, I have some similar recipes up my sleeve that are more mild and kid friendly. They will be posted at a later date... whenever that might be.

Oh and in the meantime if you want to make it less spicy add half as much black pepper, half as much taco seasoning, AND use a can of regular diced tomatoes instead of Rotel tomatoes.

A word on the cheese. Use medium or sharp cheddar.

Add only 1 3/4 cup beef broth (this is about one small can) and drain the tomatoes otherwise it is very soupy while it is hot. Half an hour later not so much, but who eats their meal after is is completely cold?  Not I.

Click this link for the recipe and step by step photos.
get printable recipe here.

This would be excellent garnished with some sour cream, cilantro, and crushed tortilla chips.

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